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What is Stadia: Google explains after a year

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What is Stadia? One of the main efforts that companies make when they launch innovative services is the campaign to explain it, so all the potential users understand its pros. and cons. Thus, the product will attract the maximum number of customers. This is the normal process, but it is not the case with Google Stadia. They have taken a different path with this gaming platform.

There are still many people who do not know that Stadia has several subscription levels and they don’t know that it has a store. The service is not for PC only. Yes, indeed, Stadia is more than a Netflix of video games, which is how it was initially defined by many people. Maybe that’s where the confusion comes from the lack of knowledge about everything Stadia actually offers.

What is Stadia?

In a very generic definition, we talk about a platform that allows streaming to a certain game catalog. We control the game, but it is actually executed in Stadia’s servers. Of course, the aim is to avoid compatibility problems with the hardware and operating system of our devices. Only thing you have to do is start the game and enjoy it. However, as you have already deduced, having a high-speed internet connection is really important.

Up to this point, more or less everyone is clear about it, however doubts about Stadia grow exponentially when we talk about the subscription packs. Although many users are unaware of this, it is not necessary to pay for a basic service account. Because Stadia is also a game store.

So, the basic subscription level is free, and those users can buy games and enjoy them. The catalog, without being as wide as other stores, does offer some remarkable games, such as Dead by Daylight and Human Fall Flat, with an advantage. As we mentioned before, you can play them remotely, on any compatible device.

Stadia Pro is a subscription service for $10 monthly, it offers access to a catalog of games that is renewed periodically and, additionally, discounted prices are available in the store. You can unsubscribe easily if you don’t want to be a part of Stadia Pro anymore.

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