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How to activate the dark mode in Telegram?

How to activate the dark mode in Telegram?
How to activate the dark mode in Telegram?

How to activate the dark mode in Telegram? Telegram is getting popular day by day worldwide, and one of its great features that Whatsapp doesn’t have is the dark mode. The dark mode is a feature that has been highly demanded by users in recent years. WhatsApp doesn’t have this option yet, although it is rumored that dark mode has been in development for some time.

How to activate the Telegram dark mode manually or automatically?

First, go to Settings > Chat Settings to see the default themes. One of them is the dark one, you will only have to click on it to activate it manually.

This way, you could manually enable the dark mode to protect your eyes from the brightness of the screen.  There’s also an automatic mode, you can find the details below.

Well to use the automatic mode, just click on the “Automatic Night Mode” bar. This will take you to a new menu that offers three options: Disabled, Scheduled, and Adaptive.

Let’s focus on the scheduled one to understand how it works. In this case, you can choose the exact time period that you want the night mode to be automatically activated. The default time period by Telegram is from 22:00 to 08:00 but click on “from” and “to” to select a custom time period.

Finally, you can also make the app colors dark depending on the brightness of your environment by using the adaptive mode. If you wish, you can choose the brightness level, once the light around you is less than that level, the dark mode will be automatically activated in the app.

In this article, you learned how to activate the dark mode in Telegram.


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