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Nest Audio: a new smart speaker is introduced by Google

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Google has officially announced the new Nest Audio smart speaker. This time, it leaves aside the informational and Smart Home functions a bit, to focus on the music.

The Nest Audio speaker is Google’s new smart speaker. Its name already makes it clear that it is focused on offering us the best music experience, although it is fully compatible with the Google Assistant, this way, it can also be used to obtain information or control applications.

Nest Audio’s main feature is the Smart Sound, a Google technology that adapts sound to the characteristics of the room, according to its size, obstacles, acoustics, etc. With the Ambient IQ feature, it detects background noise and increases the volume so you can hear voices clearly, especially if the assistant is speaking.

You can pair it with other Nest Audio speakers to listen to music throughout the house, or you can use one to listen to music while you use another to make use of the Google Assistant.

Of course, it is compatible with all the most popular music applications, including Spotify and Amazon Music, and you can ask it to play songs or search for groups and singers thanks to Google Assistant.

Google has improved the hardware to offer the best user experience. A 19mm main driver and a 75mm mid-woofer, they manage to improve the volume by 75% and the bass by 50%.

Nest Audio will be available in five colours
Nest Audio will be available in five colours

Google has spent more than 500 hours of tuning to ensure balanced lows, mids and highs so nothing is missing or overly dominant. The custom-designed tweeter lets you appreciate every musical detail, and the grille, fabric, and materials have been optimized for the best. With 3 Nest Audio speakers, it is even possible to have a surround sound system experience.

Nest Audio will be available in five colors in the United States with a $99 price tag. It will go on sale on October 15.

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