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Philips sound products will be renewed

Philips sound products will be renewed
Philips sound products will be renewed

This autumn Philips renews a large part of its sound catalog. In October, headphones and Philips sound bars from the Philips Fidelio family will go on sale, as well as a new Wireless Home System.

A new period of the year begins, months full of presentations with new products. One of the companies that is going to tear the house down by expanding its entire catalog is Philips Sound. Today announces the arrival of a new range of premium products for the home or wearable devices .

Philips announces the arrival of new headphones for all occasions, sound bars for listening to music in the home and a  new home system designed to ensure that high-quality audio from television and mobile devices can be transmitted to compatible speakers.

In the case of headphones, we have news for outdoor activities or for working while listening to music. On the one hand, there are the new Philips T8505 and T5505 headphones, wireless and small in size, splash-proof for sports lovers. They feature Philips Active Noise Cancellation technology to isolate the user from outside noise.

The T8505 offers up to 6 hours of playtime (5 hours with ANC continuously on), with an additional 18 hours of playtime thanks to the wireless charging box. While the T5505 has a shorter playback time, up to 5 hours (4.5 hours with ANC continuously on) and 15 hours thanks to the wireless or fast charging box via the USB-C charging cable. Its price ranges between $149.99 for the cheapest model and $199.99 for the most premium.

In the case of headband headphones, the brand presents the Philips Fidelio L3 ANC focused on comfort with a headband covered in soft leather. The Fidelio L3 ANC lasts for 35 hours of playtime, 30 hours with ANC continuously on . It also has a fast charge option: 15 minutes of charge time and an extra six hours of use via the USB-C cable. They will be available in October for $349.99.

Philips sound bars and speakers

They are accompanied by the Philips Fidelio B97 and B95 sound bars . The first is the most powerful model because it integrates Surround-on-demand technology that allows the speakers to work both individually and together. In terms of connectivity, Philips offers wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay, but also the new Philips Wireless Home system, which offers wireless connectivity to multiple rooms via DTS Play-Fi technology. The Philips Fidelio B97 and B95 sound bars will be available in October for $1,199.99 and $899.99, respectively.

Philips sound products will be renewed
Philips sound products will be renewed

Finally, the company presents this streaming system, Wireless Home, which facilitates communication between the application on mobile phones and the other sound systems in the house, from television to sound bars, to speakers like the two new W6205 portrait-oriented and the larger landscape-oriented W6505.

The system can be connected via Bluetooth, Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2. It also has Spotify Connect and other streaming services. In October, like the rest of these novelties, the Philips TAW6205 speakers can be purchased for $199.99 and the T6505 for $299.99.


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