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Microsoft Edge 85 version is out of beta and available now

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Microsoft Edge 85 version is available as of today with its new features. The new update, which comes with the version code 85.0.564.41, has some features such as data synchronization and PDF editing tools, as well as some security improvements.

Microsoft continues to work on the web browser application Edge, which was launched earlier this year. The new browser, designed with the open source Chromium structure developed by Google, is updated in parallel with Chromium updates.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge, Edge 85, came right after the launch of Chrome 85. Microsoft has released a new update for the web browser with version number 85.0.564.41. In the release notes, it appears to be that the new update has a large number of features. The new Microsoft Edge 85 features are not only for casual users, but also for developers. Among the innovations that come with the new version are some security improvements.

Microsoft Edge 85 features

With the new update, Microsoft’s Chromium-based web browser Edge becomes highly functional. Among the features mentioned in the release notes, data sync feature stands out first. The new feature called Azure Active Directory (AAD) is the ability to synchronize browser data such as extensions, passwords, favorites, and collections to Edge between profiles.

Another feature that comes with Microsoft Edge 85 is the highly advanced PDF tools. With the new update, a number of PDF file editing tools are added to Edge, which is already capable of PDF viewing. Thanks to these tools, users can add text to any PDF file they view and highlight the parts they want with colors. Users can also send the edited text directly to Microsoft Word, Excel or OneNote using the Collection tool.

Microsoft Edge 85 version is available now
Microsoft Edge 85 version is available now

The features of Microsoft Edge version 85 are not limited to these. The new update includes a number of security improvements as well as a number of improvements for developers. With Edge 85, DevTools comes with numerous enhancements. Likewise, keyboard shortcuts matching VS Code are offered for developers.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge includes all the features that come with the new Chromium version. Users do not need to take any extra action to update Edge. Microsoft automatically sends the new version of Edge to devices. However, users can do this manually by clicking the menu icon in the upper right corner and clicking Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge.

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