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Google’s Android TV dongle is about to hit the market

Google's Android TV dongle is about hit the market
Google's Android TV dongle is about hit the market

Google’s Android TV dongle is about to hit the market. For a few months now, there have been different rumors about Google‘s next streaming device, which will be powered by Android TV instead of being a simple Chromecast. Today, two new Google devices have appeared in the FCC, and we believe this is the first dongle and its remote control.

Thanks to the FCC certifications we know something about Google’s Android TV dongle

Google's new Android Tv dongle
FCC Sabrina certification, new Android TV dongle

Before a device with wireless capabilities can be released in the United States, it must be specifically approved by the FCC. This morning, Google released documentation for two new devices with model numbers GZRNL and G9N9N.

From the description of GZRNL as an “Interactive Media Streaming Device”, we think this could be Google’s long awaited Android TV dongle, named Sabrina and that it would be set to be a successor to the Chromecast Ultra.

Digging deeper into its listing, we find an FCC label in the form of a card that, if it really is a dongle with Android TV, it would probably go on the back. Beyond that, the FCC shows that this GZRNL device only supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, as you would expect.

It could be accompanied by a command

Meanwhile, G9N9N is simply listed as a “wireless device”, offering very little form of clues. However, when we examine a diagram showing the FCC label and location of the device, we see that the label will be found “under the power cover.” This could indicate that we are looking at the remote that would accompany the Android TV dongle, as most remote controls have a “power cover” to keep the batteries in place.

Google's Android Tv dongle is about hit the market
Google’s Android Tv dongle is about hit the market

The images are hidden so we don’t know yet what they are like

Beyond that, the only other thing we can know about this potential remote is that the only type of connection it uses is Bluetooth. All the cool parts of these FCC listings, like the images that reveal what these two devices are, are locked behind temporary FCC confidentiality until the end of January. Both devices are notably “Made in Thailand” as Google seeks to diversify its supply chain.

As we’ve also pointed out the last time a mystery device appeared in the FCC, these new model numbers GZRNL and G9N9N don’t seem to line up with any previous product lines Google has offered. Older Chromecasts often use model numbers that reference Star Trek, such as NC2-6A5 that loosely references NCC-1701.


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