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How to protect yourself on a public WiFi network?

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Do you frequently connect to public WiFi networks? Do not do it without reviewing these recommendations for safe browsing

Having free internet by connecting to a public network may seem like a tempting offer, but this carries a number of dangers. So it is necessary to take certain precautions before accessing a public WiFi network.

So that you do not get into trouble, take a look at this series of tips to have a safe navigation.

The dangers of a public WiFi network

In a public network we have no control over any type of configuration. We do not know what level of security is configured, what kind of precautions have been taken to avoid attacks or with what intentions the WiFi is shared.

So it is possible that what we do through the public WiFi network is not encrypted. That means that the data can be accessed by anyone with a minimum of computer knowledge.

How to protect yourself on a public WiFi network?

That is why it is very important to know what means we have to protect our browsing data when we access one of these public WiFi services. Use following solutions to protect yourself on a public WiFi network.


This is the first measure that we must always take before connecting to a public WiFi.

What is VPN?

In English it is an acronym for Virtual Private Net, which we can translate as “Virtual Private Network” (VPN)  How does a VPN serve us on a public WiFi? In simple words, a VPN will prevent someone from being able to track (or see) what we are doing from a public WiFi network. Almost all devices have options that make it easy to configure a VPN.

Although there are free VPN services, from a security point of view, nothing guarantees that they are not spying on us; In short, it would be almost the same as using the public WiFi network directly. So if possible it is better to go for a paid VPN service, unless it is a VPN from a trusted source, for example Opera’s built-in VPN.

This is the most important step when using a connection in public networks, but there are also other precautions to add an extra security.

How to protect yourself on a public WiFi network?
How to protect yourself on a public WiFi network?

Check the WiFi network

When we leave the mobile configuration open to connect to WiFi we will see dozens of networks appear. While we always try to look for one that is reliable, this strategy is not always effective.

If we are in a place (restaurants, cafes, etc.) we must ask the name that they have assigned to the network, so as not to end up connected to a fake account that will steal our data or install virtus on our computers. If we are going to be in open places, then check the available WiFi networks beforehand on official websites to connect safely.

Update your devices and operating systems

You may not have noticed, but along with the news that comes with the new versions of software of our devices, security updates are also added.

Bug fixes, security flaws and new measures for potential vulnerabilities. So having updated equipment and operating systems is always advisable even when using the WiFi network in our house. So think about the importance of this detail if you frequent public WiFi networks.

Never enter sensitive data

This is a rule that you should never break. Never make an online transaction from a public WiFi or check your bank statements, card summary, etc.

Also, do not log into web services where you keep sensitive content or workspaces that could expose data from the rest of your computer. If you need to consult urgently, activate the data plan for a few minutes and then continue performing the rest of the pending tasks of the public connection.

While finding a public WiFi network may seem like a lifesaver, it can become a headache if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

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