What is Instagram Reels, how does it work and how to upload videos?

What is Instagram Reels, how does it work and how to upload videos?
What is Instagram Reels, how does it work and how to upload videos?

Instagram Reels arrived as a great competitor to TikTok, if you want to know what is Instagram Reels, how does it work and how to upload videos, this guide will help you.

The competition for TikTok is here! From now on, you can become a viral video star with Instagram Reels, the new bet of the social network owned by Facebook which seeks to steal some of the millions of users from the Chinese short videos giant.

Just when Donald Trump threatens to ban TikTok in the United States, Mark Zuckerberg’s company announced the launch of Instagram Reels, with the great advantage that you will not have to download any additional app, since this function is integrated into IG.

It is important to note that Instagram Reels are already available in more than 50 countries.

What is Instagram Reels?

Reels is defined by Instagram as “a new format to express yourself creatively” through short videos.
The objective is to share everything that each person considers important, such as situations of love, humor, humor or to raise awareness.

You can distinguish Reels videos by the clapperboard symbol, just as IGTV have a symbol that resembles a television.

How does Instagram Reels work?

You don’t need to download any additional extension or app because Reels is already on Instagram. As with TikTok, Reels will allow you to upload videos in which you can add visual effects, filters, audios, songs and modify the recording speed (fast or slow motion).

And as in any social network, there are rules and regulations that you must abide by; otherwise, your account could be suspended or disabled. Check the notice in Settings-Information-Conditions of Use first.

How to upload videos to Instagram Reels?

  • Click on the top left of the main Instagram screen, as if you were uploading a story.
  • With the camera activated, at the bottom center you will see the word ‘History’ and to one side appears ‘Reels’ .
  • Record what you want, remembering that the maximum length of the video is 15 seconds (on TikTok the limit is one minute).
  • Add filters, sound, experiment with the timer, use green screen to use any image as a background…

How to watch Instagram Reels videos?

You will be able to see the Instagram Reels in the main Instagram feed. They will also appear in the Explore section (the magnifying glass). You will have the option to upload them as Stories (they will last 24 hours).

In your profile you will be able to see all your Reels in a tab that will be between the symbols of your feed, your IGTV and the publications in which you were tagged.