What does “your connection is not private” mean while browsing?

What does your connection is not private mean when browsing?
What does your connection is not private mean when browsing?

Sometimes we encounter “your connection is not private” message while browsing with Google Chrome. In this article we explain what this message means and what you should do when you see it.

When we browse the Internet, one of the most important factors is privacy. We must always avoid that our data and personal information can be compromised. Now, it is just when using the browser where more problems of this type can have.

What does “your connection is not private” message means when browsing with Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser worldwide. This means that when a problem arises or there is a malfunction, many users can be affected. This time we are going to answer a question that many Internet users ask themselves: what is the non-private connection.

Sometimes when entering a web page we can come across a message indicating that the connection is not private in Chrome. They also add that a possible hacker could be spying on us and thus compromise our privacy.

Is this really a problem? Could our data be stolen? Keep in mind that this does not mean that we are going to suffer an imminent attack by entering that website. What it really means is that there is something wrong with the website’s certificate. In this way, navigation is not really private.

When we enter a page we can find that it uses HTTP or HTTPS. However, the first case is not encrypted, so our data does not travel in complete safety over the network and could be intercepted.

To solve this problem, websites use certificates. This means that when we see a web page whose URL begins with HTTPS it means that it is encrypted correctly and, at least on paper, it should be safe. So at least our data should not be intercepted.

Returning to the problem that the connection is not private in Chrome, this occurs when the browser understands that we are browsing an HTTP web that could be a danger. We may be exposing our data and personal information. However it does not mean that there may necessarily be a major problem.

What to do when you see the non-private connection message

This message may occur on certain occasions when visiting HTTP pages. It could happen that we are browsing from public networks and this is where we must take the most measures. Our browsing could be exposed if we are using open networks and browsing unencrypted pages.

Our advice is to avoid sending personal information that may compromise us when using this type of network. For example, not logging into sensitive platforms or making payments or transactions.

In short, whenever we see the message that the Internet connection is not private, we must exercise extreme caution, especially if we are going to use public networks. It is important that we keep our privacy and security safe, that we do not make mistakes.