Is it worth hacking the Nintendo Switch console?

Is it worth hacking the Nintendo Switch console?

Hacking the Nintendo Switch console can provide the ability to do really fun and interesting things, from playing retro games to surfing the net with unofficial browsers. However, there are risks, and in the worst case you can end up with a useless console whose only use will be that of a very expensive paperweight. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you should hack your Nintendo Switch system, this article highlights a few factors you should consider before making your final decision.

What is the use of hacking?

If you are new to this world and you are not sure what a hack does, let’s clarify; in general, hacking a console provides access in a way that was never intended by the creators of the operating system. In the case of the Nintendo Switch, it allows you to install unofficial applications and games from the Switch, as well as download virtually any game for free.

But while this may be attractive, the most important thing to keep in mind is that anyone trying to hack a device must have a firm understanding of the risks involved.

What are the risks of hacking the Switch?

The biggest risk of hacking the Nintendo Switch system is that it will break. Every time you play with a console that has been hacked, you run the risk of completely ruining its operating system because forcing a device to do something it was not designed for could irreparably damage software or hardware and leave the system locked.

Another of the most important risks is that, since the hack is against the terms and conditions of Nintendo, so the warranty would be void and you could not send it for repair or exchange it for another if you need repairs. Therefore, if you are going to hack the Nintendo Switch console or the Nintendo Switch Lite, it may be a good idea to do it on a device that you are not afraid of losing if things go wrong.

On the other hand, when hacking a console you can play with it only in local mode, that is, on your own and not in online multiplayer games, since if you connect to the Internet with the hacking firmware of the Switch, Nintendo could ban your console and you can never play online.

Hacking, in addition to being essentially a security breach, is also a major concern for the console manufacturer, which may be detrimental to its future, as developers would avoid releasing games for the console because their profits would be greatly reduced.

How to hack the Nintendo Switch console?

Currently, to hack the Nintendo Switch system there are stable firmwares with which the average user can experiment and do many things like the SX OS. With this type of custom firmwares, the doors open and you have the possibility to play roms downloaded directly from the Internet without having to go through the Nintendo eShop and emulate retro consoles like the GameBoy or the Nintendo 64.

There are several ways to hack your Nintendo, but the easiest and most popular option for users is to use the Homebrew Launcher. The Homebrew Launcher was revealed by a group of hackers at the Chaos Communication Congress in Germany in December 2017, and was released months later. The good thing about this system is that it does not require the use of a PC or Mac to modify the operating system. In fact, all you need is a laptop, a microSD card, and your Nintendo Switch.

  • Download the latest version of nx-hbmenu from Github
  • Copy hbmenu.nro from the root menu of your SD card.
  • Insert the microSD card into the Nintendo Switch
  • Go into connection settings and manually configure your DNS server. When prompted, enter the following DNS: and perform a connection test.
  • Click on ‘Install’.
  • Restart your console
  • Do another connection test.
  • Click on ‘Run’.
  • If you see “2000-1337” on your screen, the installation was successful.

The decision to hack a device or not is always a complicated one, and the case of the Nintendo Switch is no exception. One of the most valuable resources for deciding whether or not to do something like this is information. You should always investigate thoroughly to make informed decisions.

If after this article you are still wondering whether or not you should hack your Nintendo Switch console, we would tell you to try hacking another Nintendo Switch console that you can use as a test so you don’t take any risks in case you get blocked. Although the steps to follow are seemingly simple, doing it unprofessionally can cause you to make mistakes if unforeseen occur during the process.