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Is it possible to hack or jailbreak Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite?

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There is a depth to jailbreak stories of Nintendo Switch, and we explain in this article. The story of the scene on the Nintendo Switch began a long time ago since a system vulnerability was announced, however, until now, Nintendo has been largely aloof. But it seems that patience in the offices of the big N has been consumed, and now the manufacturer has filed two lawsuits in the courts of the United States with which it intends to stop the sale and distribution of loaders for its console.

Is it possible to hack (jailbreaking) Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite?

Most methods use a system vulnerability that allows, through software, hardware or a combination of both, to inject software into the system that allows third-party code to be executed without any problem. This is obviously used to upload illegal copies of Nintendo titles, in addition to installing other additional applications for all kinds of purposes.

But Nintendo have grown tired, so they have filed two complaints with which they will try to stop the negotiations and sales of nine online stores that are in charge of selling and distributing hacks and mods for Switch . Among those stores is Uberchips.com, which, according to Nintendo, is responsible for selling tools to the public to hack the console and be able to run copies of games.

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According to the manufacturer, the sale of these products is illegal, since they violate the anti-circumvention laws of the DMCA, something that would affect the famous SX Pro of Team-Xecuter, a dongle that allows to speed up the hacking process in simple steps and that accumulates large sales in all types of distributors.

New models to hack (jailbreak) the Nintendo Switch (Lite)

The interesting thing is that Nintendo has filed the lawsuit after stores were selling these types of products for almost two years. It sounds late enough to put the brakes on it, however the reason is basically different, albeit on the same basis.

The key is in the new product that Team Xecuter is already distributing around the world, new chips (SX Core and SX Lite) that will allow you to run homemade code in the latest versions of the Nintendo Switch and in the new Nintendo Switch Lite. As you probably know, the latest revision of the Nintendo Switch corrected the security problem affecting the CPU, making the current hacking methods completely useless.

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ch Lite also maintains itself perfectly without modifications or undue access, so the manufacturer maintains an ecosystem free of attacks until now. However, with these two new products already on sale, the security of the company could be affected, and that is why they have rushed to cancel the sales of these chips in the main distributors with the idea of ​​being able to continue protecting their products.

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