Hacking Nintendo Switch: SX Core and SX Lite review

Hacking Nintendo Switch SX Core and SX Lite review

In this article you will find a review of Team Xecuter’s Nintendo Switch hacking modchips SX Core and SX Lite.

After numerous delays caused largely by the coronavirus situation, Team Xecuter’s hacking solutions for unsupported Switch consoles are finally around thanks to new developments. In this article, we will discuss this development together with what follows for SX Core and SX Lite.

Team Xecuter submits SX Core and SX Lite test samples

Starting with a bit of history, rumors that Team Xecuter was doing something in the unbreakable Switch department started surfacing last October with accumulated legitimacy after they showed a picture of a Switch Lite with SX OS 3.0 in December.

Since then, snippets of new information have been made available, but then the coronavirus took the world by storm and things were long overdue. However, the coronavirus situation in China, which is where the Team Xecuter is located, has now cooled significantly and the review and test samples of SX Core and SX Lite have just been shipped.

The purpose of these review and test samples is for trusted members of the welding experience community to help with:

Fine tuning installation diagrams as both SX Lite and SX Core require some degree of soldering
Observe and help correct any problems that may arise when installing or using the hacking solutions mentioned above.

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Team Xecuter has also noted that approved reviewers / testers will receive their tracking number soon, and some have already received it based on an evaluator’s information. Delivery has already started, so SX Lite and SX Core can get into the hands of consumers as soon as possible after proper review and testing!

Are all firmwares compatible with SX Core and SX Lite? When can I get the modchips?

Based on currently available information, here are some main points to know about Team Xecuter’s upcoming hacking solutions:

SX Core is compatible with all non-Lite switch models, including vulnerable mariko, ipatched, and fusee-gelee models, though there’s little point in installing it on the latter, unless you just want a permanent hack.

SX Lite is compatible with all Switch Lite models.

So far, all Switch & Switch Lite models are compatible with SX Core and SX Lite respectively, although this may change if Nintendo presents a new hardware revision to repair the vulnerabilities that are used if possible.

All firmware versions are compatible with SX Core and SX Lite.

An SX OS license is included with SX Core and SX Lite, but Team Xecuter has stated that it is possible to install other CFWs, which means you will be able to install Atmosphere which is one of the most popular CFWs for hacked Switch consoles.

When it comes to getting one, Team Xecuter recommends pre-ordering if you can install it yourself, but they have also stated that they have large stocks ready to ship in May, so while demand is expected to be high, there are It should be a good supply too.

It is important to state that Team Xecuter has informed you that if you are not comfortable with soldering, you should ask someone to install it for you, which means the required soldering is probably not trivial!