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Nintendo issues warning to the company that installs SX Core chips on Switch

Nintendo issues cease and desist warning to the company that installs SX Core chips on Switch

When it comes to piracy, we know that Nintendo takes things very seriously. The Japanese company’s legal department is one of the most feared and respected (or hated) among the community, which is why this small American company was shocked when they had their sights set on installing SX Core pirate chips on the Switch.

The company Nintendo Switch SX CORE SX LITE Mod Chip Service is responsible for installing chips that allow pirated games to be played on the Nintendo Switch. But they are not responsible for installing the games themselves or selling the chip. That is to say, you have to arrive with your own chip pre-loaded with games and they are only in charge of installing it on your console.

Despite this, Nintendo issued a cease and desist order, this is a warning to stop certain activity and not resume it later. In case of ignoring it, Nintendo will proceed legally. So far, the company in question has already stopped installing chips, but it is still in talks with Nintendo’s legal department as, according to them, they are not violating any terms of use.

Ben Van Rheen, one of the people in charge of installing this chip, said the following regarding Nintendo’s accusations:

“It is not like the chip comes with games. You have to load them on the SD card. We are not selling a pre-loaded SD card with Nintendo Switch games. That is indeed going further. This only allows you to play pirated games. You can buy a knife, for example, which has the ability to kill someone, or you can just use it to cut food.”

So far, both sides continue to argue their case, but if history is to be repeated, Nintendo will most likely force them to close the deal for life, or else they will have to face heavy legal charges.