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SX OS v3 update leaked before the official release

Team Xecuter is sending the test units of SX Core and SX Lite modchips for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, but in order to use them, you need a software update for SX OS. We wrote about this before, and in a short period of time, a lot of things happened.

Nintendo sued the Team Xecuter resellers in US for selling SX Core and Lite that can jailbreak (hack) their Switch consoles to run homebrew software.

But this did not stop Team Xecuter to release an update for SX OS, v3.0.0. This update is limited to users who has the SX Core or Lite right now, but apparently it has been leaked to Github. And security researcher Mike Heskin explained some details about the software update on Twitter.

He says, this is not a feature focused SX OS update, but instead, it is here to make SX OS run on the new Mariko and Switch Lite consoles.

The SX OS v3.0.0 also updates the modchip from version 1.0 to 1.1 to patch some vulnerabilities and broken code that has been noticed before.

Team Xecuter first made the OS update available through their website, but after the leaks, they decided to edit the file download to give a message out: “Leakers are dumb.”