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Nintendo Switch Lite is hacked [VIDEO]

Team Xecuter shown in a video that Nintendo Switch Lite is hacked. The first generation of Nintendo Switch consoles were vulnerable to hacking. And Team Xecuter, the team behind the original device’s hack now published a video that shows Switch Lite using Homebrew software package management system.

In the first generation, a paid utility named SX OS was used and it worked only for the first revisions of the console. In 2018 H2, a console update was released, in which the hack became obsolete and utilities such as SX OS and Atmosphere (free) did not work anymore.

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However, the other day, a video appeared on YouTube that demonstrates the work by the same team showing that they hacked Nintendo Switch Lite . It shows the device with a SX OS 3.0.

Team Xecuter announced that the hack will be released in 2020, although they announced a new product at the end of October this year. It is not yet specified whether the method will be purely software or hybrid. Rumors indicate that it may be necessary to install an additional chip, which will make things more difficult, but will provide a full hack. It is also unclear whether the hack will be available only for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Swith Lite, or both.

Soon all Nintendo Switch and Lite models could be jailbroken