The best free group video chat apps for having a lot of fun

The best and most fun free software for group video chats

The best free group video chat apps for having a lot of fun: With the social distancing practice common around the world, video chats started to have an important place in people’s lives. People started looking for the most entertaining video chat apps and software to have fun with the loved ones. So which video chat application is suitable for you and your family, have you ever thought?

The best and most fun free apps for group video chats

We listed the applications that you can use for video calls that are convenient and fun for you to have a coffee together, reach family members or play games with your friends.

We should remind you that all applications in this list are free to use.

Video chat apps for large groups

Allows you to make calls with a large number of people. However, if you want to do other things, you can have difficulty with Skype. Although the desktop version is powerless, it is possible to get pretty good results and make video calls with crowded groups through its mobile application. If you do not like emojis or status updates, Skype can be a very convenient application to accompany your video chats.

Allowing video calls with a large number of people such as Skype, Zoom offers a limited video chat experience to its users with a 40 minute limit on its free version. But thanks to its reliability, it became the most preferred video chat app in the market quickly. Zoom stands out with its powerful web integration and advanced features. To be able to chat after 40 minutes, you need to close the chat and make a new call and share the URL with people again.

Zoom is also subject to criticism with background data collection and sharing unauthorized personal data with third parties such as Facebook. If you want to make long and pleasant calls with your friends, there are better options.

Video chat apps for family and friends

Facebook Messenger
It is enough to have a Facebook account in order to use the Facebook Messenger application. Messenger is a preferred app due to its ease of use. It does a great job with video calls, offers an unlimited chat for up to 8 people.

WhatsApp Messenger
Besides being secure and popular, WhatsApp Messenger offers video chat for up to 4 people. And it offers a good user experience despite the 4-person limit.

Google Duo
The application, which you can use with its easy interface and your existing Google account, does not seem very suitable for this world with its confusing features. Despite everything, it is a logical option with 12 person limit and good for people who don’t want to register for a new app or service other than Google.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo doesn’t offer video chat option but offers a user experience similar to Snapchat. So users who don’t want to have face-to-face video calls can use Marco Polo. You can draw on the videos you send to the people you talk to and add filters on these videos. If you find it tiring to talk to someone for half an hour, Marco Polo might be a good alternative for you.

Video chat apps for having fun together

The application, which is very popular among youngsters, is very suitable for video chatting with your close friends. It is also very easy to get involved in the chat which sends notifications to other users when any friend logs in to the application. Video conversations are a lot of fun with Houseparty, which also has games like Heads Up and The Pictionary.

Discord does a great job in voice chats and is mostly used by gamers. Although the main focus is not video calling, the app does a pretty good job here too. Unfortunately, the application’s interface can be confusing for users in the beginning.

Other video chat apps

Bunch is a relatively new application. It draws attention with group games that you can play during the call. Although you need to buy some of the games in the application, there are many games that can be played for free on the platform.

Squad offers you the opportunity to share everything you do on the phone while talking. In other words, if you use Tinder on your phone, you can show who you see and in which direction you swipe, and if you are watching a video, the person you call can watch it with you. Just like the Bunch application, Squad is quite a new application. So you have to convince your friends to use the app.