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Preorders for SX Core and SX Lite (Nintendo Switch Lite jailbreak/hack) started

The hacking group Team Xecuter announced they will start taking preorders for SX Core and SX Lite, their homebrew solution for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

Using the hardware mods SX Core and SX Lite, you can use homebrew apps and sysmodules which are similar to plugins for popular handhelds. The group was originally plannig to launch two solutions earlier, but they made some changes and the coronavirus pandemic caused delays in the production. We announced that they finished the designs for review samples on the end of March. And after testing complete, the production has started. Now Team Xecuter announced they started taking preorders on their website.

The announcement also included a good news for beta users. Private beta users of SX Core and SX Lite will get their review units shipped to them this weekend. After a sanity check and feedback, the production will start.

Price for SX Core and SX Lite

The group told that the price is a fixed $45.95 which also includes a free SX SS license.

How to order?

Please check Team Xecuter’s blog.

When will the final versions of SX Core and SX Lite shipped?

Team Xecuter plans to deliver retail preorders by the end of April.

Features of SX Core and SX Lite

– SX Core and SX Lite will have an SX OS license.
– They have a CFW (custom firmware) support for Switch and Switch Lite.
– Other CFWs like Atmosphere may also work with SX Core and Lite.