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Philips launched 498P9 Brilliance, a 48.8-inch monitor

Philips launched 498P9 Brilliance, a 48.8-inch monitor
Philips launched 498P9 Brilliance, a 48.8-inch monitor

Philips introduced a SuperWide Curved 48.8-inch LCD monitor named 498P9 Brilliance. Thanks to the 48.8 inch screen in the ratio of 32:9, buyers will be able to do without a second monitor in the office or in the home office.

According to the manufacturer, the Philips 498P9 Brilliance SuperWide-Curved LCD display was specially developed for professional users and, in addition to its huge 48.8-inch display (resolution: 5,120 x 1,440) with a 32: 9 aspect ratio Bring a number of attractive features.
The VA panel should offer a native contrast of 3,000: 1, a refresh rate of 70 Hertz, a strong color accuracy DeltaE <2) and a high gamut coverage ratio (sRGB 121%, AdobeRGB 91%).

The dual QHD resolution is said to provide razor-sharp images, which is further enhanced by the SmartImage technology. This ensures that the content displayed is always analyzed in order to optimize the display performance. If you want to play a few more games after work, you can enjoy them smoothly thanks to Adaptive Sync technology.

Philips 498P9: The size of two 27-inch 16:9 QHD displays together

The monitor can be tilted, swiveled and height-adjusted via the ergonomic Compact Ergo Base so that comfort is right when using it. The LowBlue mode reduces the amount of blue light, while the flicker-free technology is said to reduce the flickering of the image.

Buyers of the Philips monitor should not be short of connection options either – DisplayPort, HDMI and USB 3.2 are all on board. MultiClient KVM switch and the MultiView function also allow simultaneous control of two devices (e.g. laptop and PC) with a single Montor keyboard and mouse device – the active dual connection enables switching between sources with a simple push of a button.

In order to score in terms of sustainability, Philips has integrated the 498P9 with a zero-watt toggle switch that completely disconnects the device from the mains.

The Philips 498P9 will be available from August 2020 at a price of 949 euros.