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Apple will launch iPhone 12 and the new MacBook Pro in two events

Apple will launch iPhone 12 and the new MacBook Pro in two events
Apple will launch iPhone 12 and the new MacBook Pro in two events

Apple is expected to launch its most awaited new products, iPhone 12 and the new MacBook Pro in seperate events. Apple already has a date for the launch event of the iPhone 12 worldwide, but another event would also have been reserved in late October to present other devices such as the new line of MacBooks with an ARM processor.

Apple could be preparing two events to present its next devices, both those that launch before the end of the year and others that would arrive in the first leg of 2021.

The iHacktu Pro filter has announced on Twitter that Apple is going to hold two events, one in September and the other in late October, where they will announce their next devices, including the iPhone 12, the new version of their smart watch, the long-awaited wireless charger, the new iPad Pro and even the new MacBook with Apple silicon.

The first of the events will be held on September 8, where the iPhone 12 family and also the Apple Watch Series 6 would be presented. It will be a fairly complete event, because presumably the expected Air Power wireless charger will also appear, although it would have to be seen if it is available for the departure of the new terminals. It would be an eminently online event.

A little later, on October 27, Apple will hold another event, possibly also online, where the main protagonists would be the new MacBook Pro and other models that would release its processor, in a launch where the new iPad Pro and Apple Glass would also have a place.

The dates make a lot of sense, because they are in line with last year where the iPhone 11 was shown to the world on September 10. Apple does not usually vary excessively the dates of presentation of its products, and this year the second week of September could mark the future of the company.

Despite the current health crisis, Apple would have ordered the manufacture of 80 million iPhone 12s to cover demand during this 2020, given that iPhones have always become the main gifts at Christmas and this year it is likely to become to repeat the trend.