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Apple will build a new plant to meet AirPods demands

Apple is supposedly building a new plant for AirPods production

Apple AirPods are one of the most popular headphones in the world. And with Pro model being introduced this year, some sources in Apple supply chain started talking about how Apple simply can not cope with the flow of orders for its wireless headphones. And, apparently, these conversations were not so far from the truth.

So, according to anonymous sources, AirPods now are in such short supply. The company simply does not have time to meet the demands. In this regard, according to the same source, Luxshare Precision, Apple asked them to double the production. As a result of this request, the stock price of both Luxshare Precision and another headphone manufacturer for Apple, Goertek, instantly jumped up.

But this seemed to be not enough for Cupertino based tech company and they decided to build a new plant for the production for AirPods. The plant will produce both generations of the wireless headphones. But can you recall that some analysts told that Apple’s revenue from AirPods will double next year, from $6 to $15 billion?

Source: MyDrivers