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Is Samsung Exynos 9925 the first processor with an AMD GPU?

Samsung Exynos 9925, is it the first processor with an AMD GPU?

It may seem a little too early to talk about the Samsung Exynos 9925 processor, and the same can be said for the Exynos 9855 too. They aren’t officially announced yet. But let’s start from the beginning. The first reference to the Exynos 9925 can be found in a tweet, after reviewing the latest Samsung integrators.

“Now, Samsung is developing Exynos 9855 and Exynos 9925, the latter may be a processor with AMD GPU”. A move that, if confirmed, would make Samsung’s chips even more interesting in their battle against Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

It’s no surprise that Samsung has been working hard to improve the performance of its Exynos processors, especially after the current generation fiasco, and the results of these efforts can be found in some recent benchmarks. The 2021 generation could be a draw when it comes to performance (especially if Samsung manages to solve its problems with Cortex-X1), and 2022 could be a better year with the Exynos 9925.

And yes, the key point of such a move should be to do away with Mali GPUs, so their place would be taken by graphics processors designed by AMD, in response to processors that have NVIDIA technology through Tegra. The rumor of an Exynos with ATI Radeon GPUs is not new and at that time it was possible that the jump from Mali to Radeon would come for the Galaxy S21. However, and except for last-minute surprises, at the moment everything points to the fact that we will not see this change until 2022 with Exynos 9925.

What is more and more evident is that this change is going to happen, Mali has already given all it could (and we could say the same about Adreno) in the high range, where at the moment Tegra seems to be the one who has more to say. However, and after the collaboration agreement signed between AMD and Samsung, with the possibility of a Radeon GPU in the high-end processors, 2022 may be a very interesting year for the graphics of smartphones and tablets. And we probably won’t know about the Samsung Exynos 9925 until the second half of 2021.