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Honor plans to use MediaTek 5G chips in future devices

Honor, a smartphone brand by Huawei, recently unveiled the Honor X10 . This mid-range 5G mobile came with the in-house Kirin 820 processor, but the company’s president, Zhao Ming, revealed that the company will now consider using MediaTek’s 5G processors for its upcoming smartphones. This statement comes days after TSMC was confirmed to stop making chips for Huawei due to U.S. sanctions on the company.

Thus, Huawei (and its brand Honor) does not intend to sit idly by and is already looking for alternatives. Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek ranks as the best choice, as it has a fairly wide range of 5G processors , making this new connectivity available in a wider price range.

Honor will use Dimensional processors from MediaTek in some of its future phones

Zhao Ming mentioned Dimensional series of processors from MediaTek are an excellent alternative that will allow Honor to offer 5G phones of different ranges and in a wide range of prices. Let’s not forget that MediaTek recently introduced the Dimensional 820 processors with 5G support for the mid-range. So we are sure that the next Honor mobile, belonging to that range, will use it as its CPU.

In fact, Zhao Ming said that MediaTek has been an honorary partner on numerous occasions for previously released products. He added that we will see more of MediaTek chipsets in the company’s smartphone offerings in the future. The executive also stated that MediaTek will optimize their chips for Honor’s custom operating system. Thus, the brand seeks to offer the best and most consistent user experience to its customers.

It is already a fact that Huawei will rely on MediaTek to overcome the obstacles of the United States sanctions.