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Sony ZV-1: Details leaked for the compact camera for vloggers

Sony ZV-1 Details leaked for the compact camera for vloggers specs features price

The new compact camera by Sony, ZV-1 has been haunted by the rumor mill for some time. Now detailed information and first pictures of the RX100-V relative has been leaked.

Accordingly, the camera is specially tailored to the needs of videographers and vloggers. According to rumors, Sony does not want to present the compact camera to the public until May 26th.

The pictures of the Sony ZV-1 look authentic. The information now distributed probably comes from the same source as the pictures – it should also be credible.

Sony ZV-1 specs and features

Accordingly, the Sony ZV-1 is a compact camera that was specially designed for the needs of vloggers and videographers. At its core, it seems to be closely related to the RX100 V. Like it, the ZV-1 is equipped with a bright zoom of 24-70 millimeters and the well-known 1-inch sensor.

Sony ZV-1 Details leaked for the compact camera for vloggers specs features price

But there are also a number of important innovations: The rear display is hinged and hinged so that it can be directed completely forward. Important for vloggers (video bloggers) who can control themselves directly when recording. In addition, Sony has provided the ZV-1 with a clear grip from the outset and made the trigger for video recordings particularly large.

Also new: there is no optical viewfinder, but Sony has equipped the ZV-1 with a large microphone with three capsules. It is also an accessory shoe (since the RX100 II).

The AF system of the ZV-1 seems to be similar to that of the current RX100 VII. We are talking about face and eye detection including AF tracking, also for video recordings. In addition, the camera is apparently equipped with a function that specifically smoothes skin tones. Also included: a button that can be used to switch to the open aperture in order to obtain a blurred background.