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The unc0ver Team claims to a jailbreak for iOS 13.5

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Is there a jailbreak for iOS 13.5? In recent years, the jailbreak has lost some appeal among users. Despite this, from time to time new ways of doing so arise. A few hours ago, the unc0ver Team announced its intention to release the unc0ver 5.0.0 tool “with support for all versions of iOS on all devices.” A very relevant news for the jailbreak community and the security of the iPhone.

All devices compatible with iOS 13.5 will be able to jailbreak

For those who are not familiar with the jailbreak, it is a way of “unlocking” (hence the name) a device that is under the software limits set by its manufacturer. In the case of the iPhone, we can only install apps from the App Store. Nor can you modify certain aspects of the operating system.

Both things are in Apple’s hands and only the company can alter or control them. The jailbreak seeks to break those restrictions to do things that are not allowed by the manufacturer. The unc0ver team claims to have achieved this for all Apple iOS devices. That would include the 2020 iPhone SE , the iPhone 11, and other older devices.

Apparently, this team of hackers will launch a new tool to jailbreak devices. It will be called unc0ver 5.0.0. and it is based on a kernel vulnerability found by Pwn20wnd, an acquaintance of the jailbreak scene . In turn, they recommend updating the iPhone to iOS 13.5 to take advantage of this possibility.

Is there a jailbreak for iOS 13.5

However, this technique of “unlocking” the iPhone poses very important security risks. Something that in recent years has gained special relevance.

Apple, for its part and like other companies, opened its own rewards program for those who found zero-day vulnerabilities . However, the prices paid elsewhere make hackers prefer to sell them to the highest bidder . Which gives rise to a new cat-and-mouse game: if Apple were to raise its reward, the prices paid by third parties would also rise.

There is no definitive solution in the same way that there is no 100% secure software system. So the only thing Apple can do is try to stay one step ahead , reinforcing its security before an error is discovered and fixing it as soon as possible when it comes to light. If the promise of the unc0ver Team is fulfilled, it would not be strange if we stumbled upon an iOS 13.5.1 update soon after.

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