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“Blood & Water”: When does Season 2 start on Netflix?

Blood & Water When does Season 2 start on Netflix - the plot and the trailer

On May 20th the new series “Blood & Water” started on Netflix and now we have summarized all information about Season 2 of the high school drama for you.


With “Blood & Water” a new series on high school is Netflix started. This is a production from South Africa. The series could be extended by a second season. If you have seen all episodes of “Élite” , “Riverdale” or “Outer Banks” , you shouldn’t miss Netflix until new seasons appear. How about a brand new series instead? “Blood & Water”, for example, could particularly please fans of the Netflix productions mentioned.

The high school drama has been available on the streaming service since May 20, 2020. And as is so often the case, enthusiastic subscribers would like to continue in this case. But will a second season actually appear?

Blood & Water plot

Netflix has released a variety of new series in the past few months . Many of them were well received by subscribers – including some non-US productions. After “White Lines”, “House of Money” * and “Élite” from Spain, “Kingdom” from South Korea and “Into the Night” from Belgium, the next country is now proving its ability: the high school drama “Blood & Water” was produced in South Africa .

The plot takes place accordingly in the South African metropolis of Cape Town. But what exactly is it about? The focus is on the student Puleng Khumalo (Ama Qamata) , whose life suddenly changes after meeting at a party. There she meets a girl who looks very similar to her. Finally, Puleng has a suspicion: the student of the same age could be her sister, who was kidnapped after the birth.

Will there be a Season 2 for the Netflix series “Blood & Water”?

The first season of “Blood & Water” has only six episodes , which shouldn’t be enough for many viewers. So the fans have no choice but to hope for a second season – but will it be produced?

Since the series has only just started, this question cannot be answered with “yes” or “no”. However, it can be assumed that Netflix will comment on a possible continuation in the next few weeks.