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Apple plans original podcasts to match TV+ series

Apple might present original podcasts for TV+ soon. There have been rumors since last summer that Apple could enter the booming podcast business. Their apps are already one of the largest distribution channels for audio broadcasts. However, Apple does not provide its own content. Now there details about how the iPhone manufacturer could enter the industry: Apparently, Apple plans podcasts that will accompany the TV series and documentaries on its TV+ streaming service.

Months ago, according to a new US media report, Apple made requests to major podcast producers to create new shows for them. There were also direct discussions with the teams from series that are streamed on TV+.

The idea is apparently to better market the video content via new podcasts. It might be a really good idea to follow, since accompanying podcasts regularly fight their way up the charts, such as the one for the award-winning HBO series “Chernobyl” . In these podcasts, producers or actors often talk about their work and provide viewers with a lot of behind-the-scenes material.

Though, it is still unclear whether the offers are freely accessible or only made available to Apple Music users.

Apple did not want to comment on the report but one thing is clear: The company wants to increase the revenue from its streaming service. The most recent quarterly revenue was $12 billion, with all services including iCloud and Apple Music.