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The Saudi Crown Prince used a WhatsApp message to hack Jeff Bezos’ phone

Jeff Bezos found out about a hack incident on his phone through a WhatsApp message after a digital forensics examination. According to sources reached by The Guardian, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, was hacked in 2018 through WhatsApp by the Saudi Crown Prince.

They have the information after a digital forensics exam and it seems that the malicious file disguised as a video, sent confidential information from Bezos’s phone within hours. It is not known exactly what kind of information was reached with the hack.

The Guardian article mentions two events related to the personal and professional life of Jeff Bezos. This is where the conspiracy begins. The relationship with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia with the founder of Amazon began when the prince went on a tour in the United States trying to make friends in early 2018 and something happened between them that resulted in the hacking.

Five months after the hack, a Washington Post columnist named Jamal Khashoggi was killed at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The columnist was a strong critic of Prince Mohammad bin Salman. The CIA accused MBS of being an accomplice and today, still nothing has been resolved. Trump has a strong relationship with MBS since his campaign for presidency in 2016.

With the National Enquirer hack 9 months ago, text messages from Bezos and his extra-marital relationship that leads to his eventual divorce were published. The owner of the National Enquirer magazine is a friend of Donald Trump and it is assumed that Trump bought stories that were not favorable during his campaign to hide them.

And the speculation about the current hack is that a difference of opinion happened between MBS and Bezos (probably about Khashoggi), and it was the reason behind the hack.