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Sonos signals end of support for Play 5 and other speakers

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Sonos will end providing support for some of its older products including the first generation of Play 5. For long-time Sonos customers, things will change in May 2020. Six of the older Sonos products will no longer be provided with software updates. The devices can continue to be used, but there are already restrictions when using newer Sonos components.

Which Sonos devices will no longer receive support?

Sonos justifies the step with the fact that the affected devices “have now reached their technical limits in terms of RAM and computing power”. So there will be no new functions for these models. The affected devices include the first generation of Play 5, which was launched in 2009, the models in the Zone Player series as well as Connect and Connect Amp.

In addition, the Sonos Bridge will no longer be supported, which is primarily intended as an accessory for older Sonos devices. The Sonos CR200 display remote control will also no longer receive updates.

There will be a discount when buying new Sonos products

At the end of October 2020, Sonos launched a trade-up program, in which the customers can bring older Sonos products and receive a 30 percent discount for the purchase of new devices. Sonos plans to continue offering this program. It is intended for the products that will no longer receive updates from May 2020.

The customers can return the device intended for replacement to Sonos free of charge or put them in recycling mode themselves. In this mode the speaker can not be used anymore.

According to Sonos, recycling on site is “more environmentally friendly compared to returning them to Sonos”. The recycling mode is only available for the products on the trade-up program and the mode cannot be activated on other Sonos products.

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