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EU does not recommend member countries to ban Huawei equipment for 5G

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Will EU ban Huawei 5G equipments? In the upcoming EU directives for member states to reduce security risks when deploying a 5G network, there will be no recommendations regarding the prohibition on the use of 5G network equipment from Huawei Technologies or other suppliers.

Will EU ban Huawei equipments from being used in 5G networks?

Thierry Breton, the new EU Commissioner in charge of industrial policy and technology development, said at a press conference in Paris on Monday that the EU will present a series of recommended measures in late January that are accordingly “tough and targeted” to ensure vigilance. According to him, the EU document will not indicate any specific company to which prohibitive measures should be applied.

The countries in the EU agreed to use equipments for infrastructure that is critical for national security from trustworthy parties only, last month. And they also agreed to consider the laws of the supplier’s country before buying from them.

We should also remind that the EU can not tell the member states what to do, but can recommend things, just as in this example.

Why did US ban Huawei?

Over the past year, US officials have traveled to almost all of Europe, urging the EU and its members to abandon the telecommunications equipment and services of the Chinese company due to a threat to national security. The European countries seeks to coordinate the approach of member countries to the deployment of 5G networks in order to avoid possible retaliatory actions from the USA or China directed against any particular European country.

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