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Android 11 (R) on a Google Pixel 4 appears on Geekbench

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After Android Q, Android R (11) is now used on a benchmark on GeekBench, the community phone benchmark site. The new system will follow Android 10, which is gradually spreading to the global fleet of recent Android smartphones.

Because they can be easily tampered with, GeekBench benchmarks are not always taken literally. However, if the benchmark from January 18 is accurate, it is nevertheless the first to explicitly mention the next iteration of Android.

The benchmark revealed is that of a Google Pixel 4 equipped with 6 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 855. Potentially powered by Android R, the device got 712 points in single-core performance index and 2,181 points in multi-core. According to the results, nothing is very exciting except for the presence of Android R.

The next version of Android may simply be called Android 11 and the last time we heard about it, was at the end of December, through the Android Open Source Project.

The presence of Android R on a benchmark could indicate that it is about to arrive in the developer testing phase.

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