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Mastercard launches an AR app for cardholders

Mastercard launches an AR app for cardholders

Mastercard announced an app with augmented reality (AR), which allows cardholders connected to the company’s payment system to take a fresh look at their advantages.

According to the JD Power study, various promotions and rewards increase the satisfaction of card users, but only one third of card owners are aware of the benefits. Mastercard hopes that this augmented reality app will help them find advantages easily.

By launching the Mastercard Augmented Reality App, customers can scan their card using a mobile device and enter the virtual environment with a 360-degree view. In turn, a series of virtual portals will lead them to interactive 3D objects allowing them to evaluate the benefits of their credit cards.

For example, a user can launch an AR application on his phone, go through a portal and find a set of golf clubs that are displayed in augmented reality mode . Having picked up these clubs, the user will find that they are related to a promotion for golfers, and will receive a pop-up window with the details.

The experience of augmented reality opens up new possibilities for presenting information. Mastercard hopes that this promotion will help users understand and ultimately take advantage of the benefits that the company offers its customers.

“Using an intuitive AR medium, our customers can now evaluate the benefits of their cards, which might otherwise be missed, ”explained Raja Rajamannar, Head of Marketing and Communications at Mastercard.