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India will try to land on the moon again

india will try to land on the moon again

India will attempt to land on the moon and start training astronauts in Russia. Preparations for the third “lunar” mission of the Indian Space Research Organization are “regular”, said the head of the agency Kailashavadivu Sivan at a January 1 press conference. 

The Chandrayan-3 mission should repeat the attempt of the second “lunar ship” to land on the world’s satellite and make India the fourth country in the world that is capable of landing on the moon if successful.

In 2019, both Indian and Israeli missions have failed for moon landing. According to Sivan, the launch of the device should take place in the middle of the year, but may be shifted to 2021. In addition, in January, the preparation of Indian astronauts for a manned flight in 2022 will begin.

“In 2019, we have made significant progress in the Gaganyan program. Many developments have been completed. Four astronauts have been selected from the Indian Air Force for training. The start of their preparation is scheduled for the third week of January” Sivan said. According to him, astronauts will be trained in Russia.