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Twitter now allows tweeting 4K images in iOS and Android

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Twitter announced that all users now have the option to view and upload 4K images from their mobile applications.

To enjoy this new option, you just need to update the app and go through a small configuration in your Twitter account.

Here’s how to view or upload 4K images on Twitter

Although the web version of Twitter allows uploading images in high resolution, its apps only supported a maximum resolution of 2048 x 2048. A situation that is about to change.

Twitter was already testing the upload of 4K images from the mobile app months ago with a small group of users, but now it is extended to all. It is not an option that is configured by default in our Twitter account, so we will have to make some changes if we want to enable it, according to our needs.

To do this, you just need to go to Settings and privacy >> General >> Data usage >> Images. In this section, you will find two options to enable the display and upload of images in 4K. You can select whether to allow this type of image when you have mobile data and WiFi, WiFi only or never.

Twitter now allows tweeting 4K images in iOS and Android
Twitter now allows tweeting 4K images in iOS and Android

The first option “Upload high-quality images” is the setting for uploading 4K images in your tweets. And on the other hand, the “High-quality images” option has to do with displaying 4K images, so here you will be enabling whether or not you want to see them on your timeline.

So you can use these configuration options to enjoy this new possibility provided by Twitter without presenting a danger to your mobile data plan. And if you are one of those who share your travel photos, food, and others on your Twitter account, now you can upload the images in high resolution from your cell phone so that your followers do not miss any detail.

Remember that this is not the only option that Twitter has dedicated to images. As we told you last month, it is testing different ways of displaying images from the mobile. A dynamic that seeks to solve the problem of image cropping, although it is still a function that is still being tested.

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