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What is the Twitter Super Follow and what are its advantages?

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Today we are going to what is Twitter Super Follow and what are its advantages. Super Follow is a new exclusive experience from the social network. Twitter keeps reinventing itself to make its guidelines more attractive by adding some paid features.

If there is one thing we have learned, it is that Facebook, Google and other tech giants have different advertising techniques. Each one offers different benefits. Twitter advertising is a bit more complex than Google and it is also a bit more expensive. But a new tool is attracting the attention of advertisers and users called Super Follow.

What is the Twitter Super Follow?

Twitter brings us very interesting changes for this year. After a long time stagnating in terms of the number of active users, this network has given a twist to its monetization model with a paid option for users to subscribe to their favorite content creators called Super Follow.

Several important details about Super Follow are unknown right now, including the launch date. It has not been confirmed exactly how much this option will cost, although the screenshots shown during the event show a price of $ 4.99 per month.

What is the Twitter Super Follow and what are its advantages?
What is the Twitter Super Follow and what are its advantages?

We do know if this feature will focus on generating a sense of exclusivity by offering better content to subscribed followers. This makes a lot of sense considering the character limitations of Twitter’s standard format.

What are the advantages of Super Follow?

Subscribed users will be able to access newsletters thanks to a collaboration between Twitter and the startup Revue, recently acquired by the social network and designed to exploit paid subscriptions to this type of content. The advantages of subscriptions will also include access to special discounts and communities.

With the launch of Super Follow, The company is offering a very juicy incentive to influencers to create accounts and promote themselves on social media, which could potentially mean finally surpassing the 350 million active users barrier. On the other hand, Twitter is expected to retain a commission on the price charged to users, which would also help to strengthen its monetization. We look forward to seeing how Super Follow works in practice and whether it can generate good results for the popular social media platform.

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