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H&M creates an island in Animal Crossing to recycle clothes

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H&M creates an island in Animal Crossing to recycle clothes. H&M was one of the first fast fashion companies to commit to sustainability. It did so through its Conscious collection, made from sustainable and recycled materials.

H&M’s goal for 2030 is to use only materials from recycled or sustainable sources. The company’s latest step in this direction came in the spring of last year when, in line with its goal of using only materials from recycled or sustainable sources by 2030, it launched a dress made from a mix of recycled jeans and wood pulp.

Now the company, aware of the importance of betting on digitalization and reaching a young audience with new consumer habits, has embarked on a project that unites these two parts. And it has done so through the creation of an island in one of the trendiest video games, Nintendo‘s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”.

It will see the light of day this Tuesday, April 13, and is based on the garment recycling machine recently launched by H&M. This machine takes old clothes and recycles them into new ones.

On the island launched by the brand, players will be able to explore and recycle their outfits from the game into new ones at the first “Animal Crossing” clothing recycling station.

Also, players who visit the island can learn more about recycling, interact with H&M and share their thoughts on circular fashion by leaving a note on the island’s bulletin board.

H&M Global Sustainability Ambassador Maisie Williams

H&M creates an island in Animal Crossing to recycle clothes
H&M creates an island in Animal Crossing to recycle clothes

This will be the first action that the brand will take with its new Global Sustainability Ambassador, actress Maisie Williams. Throughout 2021, the company and the actress will embark on several initiatives around the Circular Economy.

In this action that the brand is launching today, Williams will also be present through a digital avatar in the video game, Avatar Maisie. This has been created by 3D animators from Goodbye Kansas Studio and has been seen for the first time through a launch spot.
Both the Avatar and Maisie will make several appearances throughout the year to inspire brand actions, sometimes separately and sometimes together.

The actress has been excited to share this union with H&M: “I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been working on,” she said in a statement. Also, she will work “closely” with H&M experts to drive sustainability initiatives and shape the path to a future of accessible and circular fashion.

Pascal Brun, Global Sustainability Manager at H&M, said the move will help encourage customers and fans to reuse, remake and recycle unwanted garments. “This is something we at H&M are very ambitious about. The future of fashion needs to look different and we want to be part of this solution.”

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