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McDonald’s reclaims breakfast leadership

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McDonald’s new campaign is aimed at promoting its products for the most important meal of the day: Breakfast.

People are divided according to what they eat for breakfast. Toast, cereal, avocado, or a full English breakfast are some of the most common. McDonald’s wants to settle this controversy with its latest campaign, made by the agency Leo Burnett, in which it wants to show that its option for the most important meal of the day is above all others.

The ad, entitled “Breakfast, Done Properly”, aims to promote the breakfast products offered by the company. Apart from selling it as a good antidote for when you are expecting a busy day or when you are having a bad morning, they point out that it is a gift for any kind of occasion. Thus, although they are aimed at breakfasts, they intend to convey that they are ideal to be consumed at any time of the day.

No toast, no cereal: McDonald's reclaims breakfast leadership
No toast, no cereal: McDonald’s reclaims breakfast leadership

Thus, in the spot we can see people in different scenarios, such as a nurse or some friends after returning from a party at night, trying to escape from the routine of everyday life with a McDonald’s breakfast. To reflect this, the audiovisual piece, directed by Rogue’s Georgi Banks-Davies, features a spotlight shining on the characters each time they take a bite of the tasty food.

McDonald’s will also release 40-second and 20-second editions of the piece to focus more on specific menu items. It is a very minimalist campaign, which does not want to steal attention from what is important, which in this case is breakfast.

The campaign will run in the UK and Ireland and will not only be in the digital environment but will also feature simple out-of-home actions. For example, images will be placed on bus shelters showing only the product packaging and crumbs, pointing out the “consequences” of enjoying a McDonald’s breakfast.

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