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GTA 5 returns to Xbox Game Pass

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GTA 5 continues to prove that a well-made game with the right support can live on for years and even remain among gamers’ favorites.

Although we’ve been asking for a sequel to be announced for a while now, Rockstar Games is taking things slowly and continues to give love to its fifth installment.

A few months ago GTA 5 stopped being available on the Xbox Game Pass service, and if you were one of those who missed it, don’t worry, as it will soon be back for free.

If you already miss the epic heists with friends or simply the history of the streets of Los Santos, Xbox Game Pass will bring back one of Rockstar Games’ gems.

GTA 5 and more games are coming to Game Pass

This title will be available for subscribers of this service from April 8, and best of all, it will not only come to consoles.

GTA 5 returns to Xbox Game Pass
GTA 5 returns to Xbox Game Pass

This time you will also be able to play it from your Android thanks to the cloud game, which will allow you to take it everywhere.

Of course, GTA 5 won’t be the only title coming to the subscription service, and if you prefer something with more action and full of undead, there will also be something for you.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War will also be available, both for consoles and PC and the cloud, so you can’t miss it.

This same month there will also be sports games, starting with MLB The Show 2021 and NHL, both of which will arrive after April 12.

Pathway, Rain on Your Parade, Disneyland Adventures, and Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure will also make an appearance, although this time for those playing from the cloud.

GTA 5 is one of the most attractive games, but as you can see, the offer to keep you busy is quite large.

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