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Sennheiser puts its consumer audio business on sale

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Sennheiser’s consumer audio business is on sale now. They published a statement in which they make their intentions clear to sell a part of the company and focus on other areas.

Sennheiser has announced that the consumer audio department is for sale and conversations begin in a few days. But the company itself is not really being sold, but it will be divided into 4 main areas.

The consumer audio business of Sennheiser is on sale

In the statement, the co-CEO of the company says: “In our Professional and Consumer Divisions, we have four Business Units in total: Pro Audio, Business Communications, Neumann and Consumer Electronics. In all of these areas we see great potential for growth. At the same time, they are characterized by different customer groups, customer requirements, product life cycles and market dynamics.”

The company will soon be dedicated only to the professional and premium sector, directing its products to companies, events, work teams, record companies, etc. instead of the end consumer, which was the goal of Sennheiser Consumer Electronics.

The CEO of the company said in an interview that the possible drop in the visibility of the brand could be due to the fact that perhaps it took too long to launch a true wireless headphone.

Although in 2019 Sennheiser had good economic results, in 2020 sales have suffered considerably. Those poor figures led to almost 700 employees being laid off and currently, worldwide, there are only 2,800 employees.

Sennheiser puts its consumer audio business on sale
Sennheiser Momentum TWH is released in April 2018.

The company wants to increase the visibility of its brand and its products in competent environments, hence it has made this turnaround in its market strategy.

With this strategy, the company seeks to strengthen its image in the market. A market that is increasingly tight and more divided, and in which it is increasingly difficult to withstand an assault as competition is strong.

Thus, Sennheiser puts the focus on the professional industry and says it will continue its efforts by creating business units like Pro Audio, Business Communications, and Neumann.

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