Cyberpunk 2077 Episodes: Nomad, Street Kid, and Corpo (V background)

Cyberpunk 2077 Nomad, Life Path and Corpo (V background)

Cyberpunk 2077 Episodes: Nomad, Street Kid, and Corpo (V background). We bring you all the backgrounds of V and its different beginnings in Cyberpunk 2077 explained in detail to enjoy being a nomad, go-getter, or body.

Cyberpunk 2077 Episodes

These missions will be our first steps in Night City. We won’t need money, we’ll just learn the basics in terms of controls and discover the origins of V. As part of our complete guide, we’ll detail how to complete the first major Cyberpunk 2077 courses.

Episode 01 – Nomad

To begin this mission we will have to have chosen as a background V <<Nomadic>>. As we familiarize ourselves with the controls, we will fix the car and talk to the mechanic and the sheriff. None of the answers we give during this chapter will affect the subsequent plot. Then we will drive to the communications tower and kick the door open. We will talk to Willi McCoy and return to our vehicle.

Cyberpunk 2077 Nomad, Life Path and Corpo (V background)
Cyberpunk 2077 Nomad, Life Path, and Corpo (V background)

The next destination of V will be a caravan which we will arrive at following the mission indicator. We will meet Jackie Welles and drive with him to the Night City border crossing. When appropriate, we will park the car in the inspection area and enter the building. We will leave our weapon at the window and head to Room 2. We will give him the bribe, pick up our gun, and return to the car. Finally, there will be a chase where we will have to shoot our enemies through the window and reload when we have a few seconds of calm. After arriving at the indicated point, we will have finished the mission.

Episode – 02 Street Kid

We will get this mission if we have chosen the background of ‘Street Kid’. After relocating our nose and talking to Pepe. On the upper floor, we will find Kirk. After receiving the mission we will go outside and talk to Father. He will take us by car to our destination. Regardless of the conversation that takes place in the car, when we go down we will go to the elevator that is indicated to us, and pressing the lower button we will arrive at the parking lot.

We can talk to Rick in the car on the right if we want to. Our target is the car in the VIP sector. After canceling the lock we will go up to the Rayfield and finish the mission without our answers during the dialogue affecting the outcome.

Episode – 03 Corpo

If we want to carry out this mission we will have to have chosen the background <<Corpo>> during the creation of V. We will answer the phone call with the command you give us and leave the bathroom. After taking the elevator on the opposite side of the lobby, we will reach the counter-espionage floor. If we follow the mission marker, we will take the path on the left as we exit the elevator to Jenkins’ office. On the way we can talk to Frank if we want to: If we exhaust all options of dialogue with him, he will remember us and slightly change a later secondary job. We can also talk to Harry at his desk.

Once in the office we will sit in the chair and talk to Jenkins. Then we will take the money and the skewer and leave the room. We will be able to talk to Carter, read the report from the nearby table, and get a Trauma Team card and a cognitive stimulant if we sit in the chair and examine the drawer. To finish the mission we will follow the indicator to the VA workshop, get into the vehicle, and when we land we will go down the stairs next to the doorman. After sitting down to talk to Jenkins, we will end the mission.

Episode – 04 Practice Makes Perfect

After completing the background mission we have chosen we will have the option to do different combat tutorials and stealth and hacking mechanics, so we recommend you to do everything to get the most out of Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 Nomad, Life Path and Corpo (V background)

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