Download Prison Architect for free from

Download Prison Architect for free from

You can download Prison Architect for free from, a new free game to enjoy this weekend. In Prison Architect, you will build the perfect prison (or escape from it) while avoiding the inmates to generate serious problems.

You can now download Prison Architect for free from

To claim the game, go to the following link (while logged in). Once you give it takes you to the front page of the web, you do a little scroll down and see a banner of the game. You hit the button “Yes, and claim the game” and that’s it. When you hit it, you agree to receive advertising, but you can then go to your profile and uncheck the box (Privacy & settings), Subscriptions tab.

Download Prison Architect for free from
Download Prison Architect for free from

Welcome, wardens!

Only the most ruthless wardens can contain the most dangerous criminals. Design your penitentiary to the letter at Prison Architect.

Key features:

Design your own way

Distribute prison spaces as you see fit, but don’t limit your inmates too much or you will risk a flood, fire, fight, or riot.

Invest and innovate

It gets government grants and directs funds to fight diseases, criminal gangs, legal disputes, and more.

Management and brute force

Make your prison the safest and most “morally correct” place by hiring armed guards, psychologists, doctors, lawyers, and snitches.

Personalized Confinement

Each prisoner requires personalized treatment, specific work schedules, and training workshops tailored to his or her criminal history.

Modes for all tastes

Try to escape from your own maximum security prison in Escape mode or go online. Where you can try one of the 12,000 prisons created by other players. Expand your empire without limits in Free Mode.

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