Doom now runs on Nintendo Game & Watch console

Doom now runs on Nintendo Game & Watch console

We can add another one to the list: Doom runs on the Nintendo Game & Watch console.

From a pregnancy test, to a Samsung refrigerator, to potato farm feed, Doom seems to work almost as well as any device these days. No wonder someone has managed to make the legendary FPS work on Nintendo’s nostalgic Game & Watch handheld.

Relaunched this year, Nintendo’s Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros marks a departure from the company’s first handheld device (1980). Unlike the original of that time, its successor of 2020 is a mixture between console, alarm and fully functional clock, equipped with two complete Mario games.

As expected, it didn’t take long for a user to disarm it to see what else this modest device could do. Of course, when asked what he should try, there was only one possible answer, Doom.

This six-minute video is largely a technical immersion of the multiple obstacles the user faces in getting Doom to work on Nintendo Game & Watch console. However, the familiar FPS is able to run on the Nintendo device, although it loses sound effects and some textures in the process.