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Apple will pay $113 million fine for slowing down iPhones in 2017

Apple will pay $113 million fine for slowing down iPhones in 2017

Apple is going to pay 113 million dollars fine for slowing down iPhones with its operating system updates in 2017.

Apple confirmed in 2017 that it slowed down the iPhone through the upgrade to iOS 12.2.1 and iOS 11.2. The move, according to Apple so as not to degrade the battery, has already cost 25 million euros in countries like France, and now they will have to pay 113 million dollars after an agreement with 34 US states, a figure that is added to the 500 million dollars that they agreed to pay in March of this year.

The general prosecutors have sued Apple for hiding this problem, as well as benefiting from the sales of people who bought a new iPhone because of the poor performance of the previous one, when everything was due to the battery.

Slowing down the iPhones will cost Apple an extra 100 million dollars fine

The agreement is now official although it is pending approval by the judge. In March 2020, Apple agreed to pay between $310 million and $500 million, after admitting that it had slowed down the old iPhone. This “batterygate” affected the iPhone 6, 6S and iPhone 7, whose performance was impaired after upgrading to new versions of iOS.

The California court established a settlement, after collecting demands from 2017 to 2018, of between 310 and 500 million dollars. Now, a second agreement has been reached, this time with 34 US states, reflecting the company paying $113 million.

It will be on December 4 when the agreement is completely closed, which is already out of the period of allegations. Since iOS 13, the control of battery life is more controlled, with tools such as optimized charging.