How to charge an iPhone battery properly?

How to charge an iPhone battery properly?

How to charge an iPhone battery properly? The battery is one of the most important hardware components of your iPhone. It makes everything work and provides the power necessary for your smartphone to perform its functions perfectly. There are many legends and false myths about how to charge the iPhone battery. Unfortunately, there is no universal strategy for maximizing iPhone battery life. But fortunately, we do have a number of tips and tricks to extend battery life.

How to charge an iPhone battery properly?

We recommend you a series of tips to charge your iPhone battery and improve its life considerably.

Where to charge my iPhone? The most common and usual among iOS users is to charge the iPhone all night long while they sleep. Error. You should try to avoid overcharging the battery.

As an alternative, we recommend using a car charger or an external battery and always carry the Lightning USB cable with you to charge the battery as soon as you get a chance.

How long should I charge my iPhone?

There is a battery myth that suggests that you should not charge your iPhone after it has reached 100%. This is a false myth. Experts on the subject say that technology has advanced a lot around this issue and today’s smartphones manage power in a much more functional way.

When the battery reaches 100%, the power is completely shut off and your iPhone stops receiving power. But now comes the interesting thing, it is recommended to charge the battery between 30% and 70% to make the calibration between software and hardware more accurate. In addition, this way you will increase the life of the battery as its electrolytes will not wear out.

How to charge an iPhone battery properly?

How should I charge my iPhone, on or off?

In reality, it is the same. The most logical thing would be to think that if you charge your iPhone while it is turned off the battery could have a longer life. But this is not the case.

In fact, Apple made changes to the operating system so that when you start charging one of its devices it will turn on automatically. However, it is true that the battery charges faster when turned off because the phone does not use any power. But its lifetime will be the same.

This way you’ve learned how to charge an iPhone battery properly.