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Sony makes its own teardown of PS5 in a new video

Sony has just put online a PS5 teardown video in which the components of a PlayStation 5 are dissected. Now we can clearly see what the machine has in its insides.

In the video PS5 comes back to the forefront of the scene with a special presentation. Yasuhiro Ootori, Vice President of the Hardware Division at Sony Interactive Entertainment, can be seen dissecting the insides of the console. The Japanese firm warns gamers not to perform these actions, as this would void the warranty.

PS5 teardown video

Of course, future owners of the console will be able to remove its base or even its white panels very easily. Removing the panels will be essential to extend the storage space thanks to the PCIe 4.0-compatible M.2 interface. Also, once these panels are removed, we will be able to access two dust collectors to clean the system efficiently.

Finally, Ootori disassembles the PS5 to allow us to admire the fan, the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, the AMD Ryzen “Zen 2” CPU, the AMD Radeon RDNA 2 GPU, the SSD, the 16GB of RAM and even the liquid metal cooling mechanism and heat sink of the machine.