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Google Duo is coming to Android TV soon

Google Duo is coming to Android TV soon
Google Duo is coming to Android TV soon

Google Duo is coming to Android TV soon and it has been one of the unexpected protagonists in recent months within the Internet, and nobody expected the arrival of a pandemic that would revive online platfoms in such a way.

However, Google Duo showed its face and the company has been taking great care of it since then, with continuous improvements in its functions and capabilities in which to maintain its appeal to the public. Do not forget that Google has reorganized the mess it had with messaging services and although there are still remains to be burned, Google Duo and Google Meeting have been saved from the pyre.

Google Duo for Android TV

Now, almost as if foreseeing that the pandemic will experience the dreaded rebound when the cold returns to the northern hemisphere, the arrival of Google Duo for Android TV is announced, so that conversations can be carried out with all the possible comfort: sitting on the sofa and full giant screen, blanket through if it is poured.

In summary, the Google’s appplication for Android will be launched in the coming weeks in the testing phase (in beta version) and will allow you to initiate calls directly from the TV. And “if your TV doesn’t have a built-in camera, you can just plug in a USB camera,” Google answers before you wonder. Of course, it will depend on whether your TV supports it or not.

Google is moving fast in this regard, and if it recently implemented Google Meet support on Chromecast, now it does the same with Google Duo and Android TV. Both Meet and Duo, in fact, they are already compatible with Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max and their integration with the entire ecosystem of the company’s devices is on the rise, with the intention of keeping the most direct competition between Zoom or Microsoft Teams.