How to delete, hide or disable a Youtube channel?

How to delete a Youtube channel?
How to delete a Youtube channel?

How to delete a Youtube channel? If you want to close or delete your Youtube channel for any reason, you can do this very easily. Follow the steps below.

Permanently deleting the Youtube channel means that the videos you have uploaded so far will be completely deleted and you will no longer be able to access any of the data related to these videos. So before you go into the process of deleting any Youtube channel, you may want to make a backup of your videos or consider this more seriously. If you want to delete your Youtube channel for sure, follow the steps below.

First go to Youtube on a desktop device. And by clicking the profile icon in the upper right corner, select Settings from the drop-down menu. On the page that opens, there will be an article “View advanced settings” under the title of your Youtube channel. Click on this article to get more detailed settings for your channel. At the bottom of the advanced settings page, there will be a statement as Delete channel. When you press this Youtube will redirect you to a new page so that you can delete or hide your channel. At the bottom of the page, click ‘I want to permanently delete my content! Click on the text. After pressing the checkbox, click the blue Delete Content button below. When prompted to the confirmation screen, enter your password and, if required, other account information.

Now, all data on that channel will be permanently deleted, including all your videos on Youtube, comments you make, and subscriptions to other channels.

Youtube will process your channel deletion request in a short time. This process may take some time to complete. However, your Youtube channel and everything related to it will be completely deleted within a few days at the latest.

How to hide the Youtube channel?

If you do not want to permanently delete or close your Youtube channel, but to hide it for a certain period of time, follow the above steps exactly. After clicking Delete channel in Advanced settings, click on the I want to hide my content on the page you are directed to. Click the box to accept the terms. And press the blue Hide My Content button.

Now, your Youtube channel and all the videos on your channel will be hidden from all Youtube users. You can make your channel visible again whenever you want.

How to close the Youtube account of a person that passed away?

If a YouTube user near you has passed away and you want their channel and content removed from Youtube, you must send a request to Google.

There is a forum created by Youtube so that the accounts of the persons that passed away can be closed by their relatives. You can fill out the form by clicking here and request the closure of your account by notifying Google that your relative has died.

After filling out the relevant form, a Youtube staff will reach you via your contact information and ask you to confirm the transaction in question.

How to delete a Youtube channel?
How to delete a Youtube channel?

How to delete the Youtube channel via the Youtube application on the phone?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to delete any Youtube channel from the Youtube application. To do this, you must use the desktop web version of Youtube.

Temporarily disable the Youtube channel

The best way to temporarily disable a Youtube channel is to hide that Youtube channel. You can temporarily disable your Youtube channel by following the steps under the heading of How to hide Youtube channel above.

How to delete the Youtube channel, how to hide it, how to disable it, are the answers to the questions. Now you can perform all the operations related to this issue by following the steps above.