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How to download free games for PC legally?

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How to download free games for PC legally? Video games have become the kings of entertainment and one of the industries with the greatest potential for the future. Today we show you how you can download PC games for free and totally legal. Are you ready?

Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is a digital game store for PC that has only recently hit the market. From the first minute they have had the intention of becoming the reference among PC gamers, which is why they have opted for a very aggressive promotion strategy .

The Epic Games Store is giving away between two and four free games a month , including some as acclaimed as RIME or Subnautica. They already tell us that very soon they will give away Alan Wake and For Honor, two great titles. All you need to claim your prize is to have an account on the Epic Games platform, if you don’t have one you can create it for free in less than two minutes, so there is no excuse.

Humble Bundle

How to download free games for PC legally?
How to download free games for PC legally?

Humble Bundle is another online game store that usually gives away quite a few titles throughout the year. The quality of these games is not usually at the level of those offered by the Epic Games Store, but remember that they are totally free so you do not lose anything by adding them to your collection. All you need is to have a user account, which is free.

It also has a monthly subscription service for a price of $ 12. If you subscribe, you will receive six free games every month. Currently this subscription includes such acclaimed titles as Kingdon Come Deliverance and Surviving Mars, the two together already add a price much higher than the subscription.


Steam is the digital gaming platform for PC par excellence. Its arrival on the market was so strong that it is considered responsible for the disappearance of the physical format, and the great boom that the digital format has also had on consoles. Steam also gives us several games every year , in addition to allowing us to try many others for free for a few days.

If you are a PC gamer, you almost certainly have a Steam account, all you have to do is keep an eye on the news on the Internet to find out when they are giving away a game, or offering a free trial period.

How to download free games for PC legally?
How to download free games for PC legally?


Origin is Electronic Arts’ digital game distribution platform. In the past they have given away very interesting games, so it is worth following them closely for new gifts. Most of the games that can be seen in the previous image I have gotten for free within the platform. They have given away such acclaimed games as Dead Space, Battlefield 3, Dragon Age Origins, and many others.


We’re done with UPlay, Ubisoft’s digital game store. The French company has been heavily criticized in recent years, but many gamers believe that its intellectual property is the most valuable with the permission of a giant like Sony. In the past Ubisoft has gifted us with some of their best games, such as For Honor, Rayman Origins , and installments of the acclaimed Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series.

They have undoubtedly been very popular games, so it is worth having an account on the platform and waiting for new opportunities. You will also find the best offers to buy the best games from the developer.

These are the 5 best ways to get PC games for free and totally legal, we hope they give you many hours of fun.

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