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Microsoft renames Xbox Game Pass: it’ll be “Game Pass”

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Microsoft renames Xbox Game Pass service. The company announced it on social networks and along with a message indicating that they were trying a new look, they dropped the word Xbox. Aren’t they saying something new?

Microsoft renames Xbox Game Pass

Every time less is missing for the launch of the Xbox Series X and as it usually happens, with the arrival of new hardware or even services it is logical that companies make a name change to adapt to future strategies. In this case, apparently, Microsoft has decided to remove the word Xbox from its popular and increasingly valuable Xbox Game Pass.

Explaining what Xbox Game Pass is at this point in the film sounds strange due to its popularity. And it is that, even without owning one of the company’s consoles or being a PC player, this service is well known. Still, roughly you should know that Xbox Game Pass is a service that in exchange for a monthly fee gives access to a wide catalog of games that include some exclusive Microsoft releases.

Well, this magnificent proposal from Microsoft, which allows access to high-quality games until now, we all knew it as Xbox Game Pass (console), Xbox Game Pass (PC) and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. From now on the word Xbox disappears and as you can see in the image that heads this article the only thing that is read is Game Pass. It is true that the Xbox logo remains, but visually it is much easier to read only Game Pass.

Game Pass for any platform?

Anyway, what is striking about any name change is always the speculations that arise from what some believe could happen. In this case, Microsoft renames Xbox Game Pass as “Game Pass” and attending to past rumors, there are those who believe that this means the arrival of the service on other platforms beyond the PC and Xbox consoles.

The answer if you have asked yourself the same is that it will not be so. As Phil Spencer commented a long time ago, bringing Game Pass to all platforms is a long-term goal, but not something we’ll see anymore. Surely we will have to wait for the consolidation of Project xCloud as a service, at which time it might make sense to launch a single subscription or expand that current Ultimate. But until then, what Microsoft is doing is clarifying a little more at the level of names an important bet for them.

Microsoft renames Xbox Game Pass
As Phil Spencer commented a long time ago, bringing Game Pass to all platforms is a long-term goal, but not something we’ll see anymore.

So much so that there are those who think that the true rival of PS5 will really be Game Pass, because it can be a clear advantage when it comes to attracting a large audience of players for all the advantages it offers. The name change here might become a key move.

Anyway, talking about all this is always complex, because only companies clearly know what their short, medium and long-term plans are. What is evident is that after canceling the annual subscription to Xbox Live Gold and now this change, what Microsoft is doing is paving and clearing the ground for everything that is to come from your side.

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