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Apple will open a floating store in Singapore

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Apple will open a floating store in Singapore. Apple is preparing to take a step forward in the design of its already iconic stores. The company will open a spherical shaped tent that will float on the water.

The Apple floating store will be located in Marina Bay Sands, in front of the characteristic skyline of the city. Apple has confirmed that the store will open in the very near future and that it will be “the first floating Apple store in the world.”

In addition to being a floating store, this building also stands out for its spherical shape. During the day, the new Marina Bay Sands store will look like a spaceship or a futuristic theater. At night, as the skyline lights up, the store will come alive and shine like a light show.

At the moment, it is unknown what the interior structure of the establishment will be like, but in the teaser released by Apple, it promises to be “a space to explore, connect and create something new.”

During the day, the store’s glass panes reflect the towering Downtown Core skyline and the movement of the rippling water. At night, the dial glows with a soft warmth, evoking the design of the traditional lanterns worn during the Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival, “they explain. “The dome of the pavilion narrows into an oculus, allowing light to enter unhindered. A bird’s eye view of the floating store resembles a glass iris looking up at the sky.

Apple will open a floating store in Singapore
Apple is expected to open a floating store in Singapore

The Apple floating store will be located specifically at 2 Bayfront Avenue and will be part of the Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel and resort. This will be Singapore’s third Apple Store after Orchard Road, which opened in 2017, and Apple Jewel Changi Airport, a shopping area that also boasts the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

The definitive opening date of this spectacular store will depend on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. Like so many other companies, Apple is also reacting to the health crisis by opening and closing its stores depending on the situation. In the United States alone, a total of 77 stores have closed again after opening after initial lockdown. For this reason, Apple wants to prevent Singapore from opening its new store with great fanfare and then having to close because of the virus.

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