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Apple launches a web version of Apple Music

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Apple launches a Web version of Apple Music with the design of iOS 14, the new version is in beta, but it is quite functional, including the new Listen tab that replaces For You.

Apple began the week of August 10 a beta of the Web version of the Apple Music service which, as the main novelty, offers a design based on iOS 14.

The new version of Apple Music for Web allows users to access all their playlists, service library and also adds the Listen tab that will replace the For You tab. Under Listen, Apple Music keeps putting music you might like based on your history.

The redesign of the service makes the Web version and the Mac application look very similar, so users will have an air of familiarity when switching between one service and another.

If you already want to access this new version, simply visit the beta.music.apple.com. This is the official page that you can log in. It will likely ask for your credentials if you haven’t signed in yet.


Apple has not said when it will release the final, stable version of Apple Music on the web, but it will likely happen later this year, in the fall, and coincide with the arrival of iOS 14. Apple has only said that iOS 14 will hit the users in the fall. New operating systems usually arrive in September.

Apple Music is one of the few services from the Cupertino firm that is available on non-Apple platforms. This is because Apple Music is one of the many services signed by Apple that generate revenue for the company and the more Apple Music is on the more platforms the better. The service can also be used on Windows, Android and even televisions.

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